Fastnet Partnership with EL Engineering

May 17, 2024
Fastnet Partnership with EL Engineering
Fastnet are delighted to announce our partnership with EL Engineering, who design sustainable, energy efficient projects with a commitment to providing superior quality and consistent results. EL Engineering offer a unique service offering, as a portal to electrical, automation and project management services, which is unmatched in their industry.

About EL Engineering 

EL Engineering are a trusted and dependable partner of choice for their clients. They design sustainable, energy efficient projects, knowing that what they create today will enhance the future. From concept to creation, EL Engineering are committed to providing superior quality and consistent results, delivering at the highest standards.

EL Engineering offer a unique service offering, as a portal to electrical, automation and project management services, which is unmatched in their industry. The vast and diverse knowledge and experience of their people is key to the service they provide. EL Engineering have a passion for innovation and exploring new ideas to add value to the industries they support.

EL Engineering’s reputation is built on communication, trust, and strong relationships with their clients, who really are safe in their hands.

The EL Engineering Culture

EL Engineering’s business is real & authentic. They think outside of the box, innovate and ensure the voices of all team members are heard. They take on the challenge of solving problems together, and each member of the team has a part to play in their success.

The scope and variety of the work achieved by EL Engineering is unparalleled. They have an array of projects across multiple sectors, allowing their team to build expertise and knowledge in a variety of areas.

At EL Engineering, there are many opportunities to learn and grow within existing roles, and as their business expands, new opportunities for their people emerge. 

The people at EL Engineering are central to what they do. The team are on a journey together and have a passion for further growth. They are strongly family oriented, work true to their core values and encourage the team to be themselves.

The EL Engineering Team

The team are open, friendly & welcoming and bring diverse and multicultural perspectives to the table. Trust, time and respect are central to the team at EL Engineering. Their people always have time for each other, will come together to solve problems and are there to help when it is needed.

Their structure reinforces the value they place in working together as one team and always taking care of each other. They celebrate wins together, are strongly family oriented, and amidst the hard work, appreciate a moment of laughter.

Jennifer O'Brien
Director of People and Culture

Partnering with EL Engineering at an exiting time in their strategic growth

We are excited to partner with EL Engineering at a time where attracting and retaining the right talent is crucial to support ambitious growth plans over the coming years. EL's values and partnership approach complement Fastnet's commitment to nurturing long terms relationships and excellence of delivery.

Contact Us for More Details

EL Engineering are on a growth trajectory to further develop service offerings and expand their client base. Fastnet are partnering with EL Engineering to recruit key talent to support the growth of the business. 

Current vacancies include:

Safety Manager:   
Electrical Engineer:   

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